It’s not asking too much: national economic and social impact survey May 2013

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The 2013 Economic and Social Impact Survey (ESIS 2013) paints a picture of the struggles of people with limited economic and social resources. This national survey provides some clear and challenging insights into the economic and social impact of current cost of living pressures on people seeking emergency relief and support through The Salvation Army services. ESIS 2013 also reinforces and provides further emphasis to the results of the 2012 ESIS report. Indeed, there are consistent similarities between the 2012 and the 2013 ESIS surveys, which highlight that there is a core group within our communities who continue to experience significant disadvantage without the resources and capabilities to move forward or out of their current situations. Despite this, comments from respondents overwhelmingly reflect an intrinsic desire to have what the general community has, namely employment, safe and secure housing, and the ability to provide for their children and families.

Three themes can be highlighted from ESIS 2013 – adequacy of income support, employment and employability, and housing affordability and adequacy. In light of recent reports and the outcomes of government inquiries, these finding are both pertinent and lend significant weight to the ongoing concerns of The Salvation Army about the continuing impact of disadvantage and deprivation on individuals and families


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