Operating deficits and community housing: policy options for reversing the trend

23 Feb 2009

The original aims of this project were to:

• clarify the impact of Community Housing Organisation operating deficits on the potential growth and development of an expanded community housing sector

• develop suitable policy options for returning community housing to operational surpluses; and by so doing

• provide a context for the development and growth of the community housing sector.

For reasons of major differences in rent setting and financial practices, community housing in this research project is defined as long stay, non-denominational, non ethnic, not for profit housing. The stock is managed and/or owned by a non-government community housing organisation, whether a company, association, cooperative or some other form of management structure.

Therefore the research did not include emergency, transitional, disabled, aged, denominational (religious group-provided), and ethnic group-provided housing. Neither did it include student and other shorter stay (less than one year maximum) housing.

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