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An efficient and responsive housing market for sustainable urban growth and social inclusion

This report examined the notion of an efficient housing market and identified key indicators of housing system efficiency, responsiveness, and risk. It examined implications of particular housing supply settings and outcomes to understand economic productivity and participation at regional and local scales. This study was...
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'The Affluent Society' revisited

John Kenneth Galbraith agreed with the Keynesian view that one day society would be in a financial position where we could work fewer hours, devote more time to leisure and where inequality would diminish. That was a view from the 1950s when he wrote his...

Enhancing affordable rental housing investment via an intermediary and guarantee

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: As home ownership rates decline across all age cohorts, the suboptimal quantity, allocation, and security of housing opportunities in the rental market has received increasing policy attention. To date, fiscal strategies for attracting investment towards rental housing have had limited success, especially in...

Asset-poverty and older Australians' transitions onto housing assistance programs

This project aims to explore how the asset poor status of older Australians helps to determine their demand for housing assistance, the coping strategies used by the asset poor as they strive to secure satisfactory housing outcomes and the importance of these outcomes to ontological...
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Housing needs of asset-poor older Australians: other countries' policy initiatives and their implications for Australia

This Positioning Paper is the first output of a project that explores the housing options and actual housing circumstances of asset-poor older Australians.