Mike Berry

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Institutional Investment in Rental Housing in Australia: A Policy Framework and Two Models

Housing affordability among low-to moderate-income private tenants has been declining over the past 10 years in Australia.
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Band-aid or Panacea? The Role of Private Rental Support Programs in Addressing Access Problems in the Australian Housing Market

Australia has a significant private rental market with over a quarter of households renting their home from a private landlord.

Policy options for stimulating private sector investment in affordable housing

This project is about operationalising the outcomes of a previous commercially focused AHURI project, “Policy Options for Stimulating Private Sector Investment in Affordable Housing Across Australia” which is being prepared for the Affordable Housing National Research Consortium. The project is concerned with providing a blueprint...
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Investment in rental housing in Australia: small landlords and institutional investors

This paper summaries the speciŽfic characteristics of rental ownership in Australia, drawing on a recent national survey of landlords carried out by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and identiŽfies the key factors responsible for the persistence of this pattern of ownership.

An efficient and responsive housing market for sustainable urban growth and social inclusion

This report examined the notion of an efficient housing market and identified key indicators of housing system efficiency, responsiveness, and risk. It examined implications of particular housing supply settings and outcomes to understand economic productivity and participation at regional and local scales. This study was...