Improving access for research and policy: the government response to the report of the Administrative Data Taskforce

14 Jun 2013

This is the government’s initial response to the recommendations from The UK Administrative Data Research Network: Improving Access for Research and Policy (53), the report of the Administrative Data Taskforce (ADT).

The UK government broadly supports the recommendations and will work with the research community to support the use and reuse of de-identified administrative data for research and policy purposes. This government response emphasises the importance of:

  • building on existing activities, infrastructure and systems where feasible to develop a new UK-wide approach
  • developing the infrastructure to maximise the potential benefits to government analysts, the wider research community and citizens
  • ensuring that the full breadth of data sources, with analytical value and held in administrative systems, are accessible for research

This document is a first response following the government’s initial consideration of the proposals.

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