The Grattan line


THE Grattan Institute is the most interesting voice in the debate about schooling, and among the most influential. Grattan’s ideas and proposals have supported several elements of the Rudd–Gillard “education revolution,” including its “top five by 2025” target, as well as reforms now under way in several states. Their influence can be found in hundreds of media stories and in conventional wisdoms of current media commentary, as well as in the rhetoric of the Abbott government-in-waiting.

Grattan’s work would repay attention for these reasons alone, but it also has a deeper interest. With the federal government and others, Grattan argues that we have fallen off the pace in schooling, and that we must and can accelerate. Grattan’s hits and misses in pursuing this argument are a measure of the problems and possibilities of Australian schooling as well as the strengths and weaknesses of current ways of thinking about it…

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