NSW recorded crime statistics June 2013 quarterly report

11 Sep 2013

This report covers trends in crime across 154 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in New South Wales over the 24 months to June 2013.

Regional trends

The Northern, North Western, Murray and Far Western Statistical Divisions (SDs) did not exhibit any upward trends in any the major offences. Eight SDs recorded an upward trend in at least one offence, mostly for stealing from a retail store or fraud. These were:

  • Sydney: Steal from a retail store (up 7.1%), Fraud (up 25.3%)
  • Hunter: Assault - domestic violence related (up 17.2%)
  • Illawarra: Fraud (up 18.6%)
  • Richmond-Tweed: Fraud (up 23.7%)
  • Mid-North Coast: Assault - domestic violence related (up 15.8%), Indecent assault (up 23.3%)
  • Central West: Fraud (up 9.8%)
  • South Eastern: Steal from a retail store (up 17.4%)
  • Murrumbidgee: Steal from a retail store (up 13.6%)

Fourteen of the sixteen metropolitan statistical subdivisions (SSDs) showed upward trends in at least one offence. Most of the increases concerned fraud or stealing from a retail store but there were also notable increases in indecent assault and related offences in Inner Western Sydney (up 38.0%) and in domestic assault in Newcastle (20.6%).

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