Early childhood nutrition and anaemia prevention project: summary report June 2013

Children Child development Well-being Health Australia Northern Territory Queensland Western Australia

This report summarises and evaluates a program of preventive multi-micronutrient supplementation, peer-counselling and nutrition promotion that was piloted in six remote northern Australian Aboriginal communities.


The Early Childhood Nutrition and Anaemia Prevention Project (ECNAPP) was implemented in six remote communities, four in the Northern Territory (NT), one in Cape York in Queensland (Qld) and one in the East Kimberley region in Western Australia (WA). Project planning and development commenced in 2006, with project activities occurring between 2010 and 2012. T

his report summarises the project development, program implementation, results of the evaluation of both project processes and outcomes, and provides recommendations for future policy, programs and research addressing infant and young child nutrition and anaemia in northern Australia.


Authored by Danielle Aquino, Julia V Marley, Kate Senior, Dympna Leonard, Angelina Joshua, Amelia Huddleston, Heather Ferguson, Janet Helmer, Nyssa Hadgraft and Vivienne Hobson.

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