Hear me out! Enhancing social inclusion and wellbeing for deaf and hearing impaired teens through an online peer support program

2 Nov 2013

This white paper describes the outcomes of a project designed to examine the effectiveness of using broadband technologies to deliver a program promoting well-being and engagement amongst young deaf and hearing impaired adults.

This white paper recommends:

  • Broadband technologies continue to be explored by educators of the deaf and hearing impaired as a means to deliver self empowerment programs to hearing impaired young people in remote settings.
  • The program is delivered in closed settings such as schools and clinics which can provide a sustainable environment for the participants from week to week through a closed broadband facility and embedded programs.
  • Scaling up and sustainability of the Hear Me Out program is assisted by recruitment through professionals who work with deaf teenagers. These professionals should lead the program with their students and clients.
  • To enhance engagement of the participants in the online environment, chat rooms are added to the program so that the participants communicate online to the “Actors” from the videos and with each other.
  • A hosted platform resourced by a team of young deaf people is established with ongoing technical support.
  • That the Hear Me Out program includes both live and virtual components. This would need long term planning and resourcing and integrated into a specific curriculum or training program for young deaf people.
  • Further funding is sought from commercial companies such as Google.
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