G20 2014: perspectives from business, civil society, labour, think tanks and youth

21 Mar 2014

This paper brings together policy contributions from a wide cross-section of society interested in feeding into the G20 process.


G20 engagement partners from Business (B20), Civil Society (C20), Labour (L20), Think Tanks (T20) and Youth (Y20) have each provided a contribution for this issue of the Monitor. Each address how the groups are organising their contribution to the G20 process in 2014, their priorities for the G20, and thoughts on what would constitute ‘success’ in terms of possible outcomes from the Brisbane Summit. The Australian G20 Sherpa, Heather Smith, has provided an opening comment.

Key points

  • One characteristic that all engagement partners share is their recognition of the importance of strengthening the G20.
  • Through their engagement with the G20 presidency, the G20 engagement partners have an important role to play in communicating the G20’s work to the wider public for greater understanding.
  • The engagement partners can use their networks to help convey what the G20 is doing, and why the involvement of the non-government sector is important.
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