Budget Paper no. 4: agency resourcing 2014‑15

13 May 2014

Introduction: The purpose of Budget Paper No. 4 is to provide a whole-of-government view of appropriations required by entities in the Budget year and their estimated staffing, expenses and net capital investment. The Paper contains three parts with tables of information as follows:

1. Agency resourcing — Appropriations required by Agencies

1.1 Total resourcing by source of appropriation

1.2 Estimated expenditure from special appropriations (other than special accounts)

1.3 Estimated cash flows and balances for special accounts

2. Staffing of Agencies

3. Expenses and net capital investment

3.1 Departmental expenses by Agency

3.2 Net capital investment by Agency

Parts 2 and 3 are tables of information that were contained in Budget Paper No. 1 Statement 6 in prior year Budgets. They are now provided as part of Budget Paper No. 4 to bring together key entity level information.

Information is contained in tables organised by portfolio and then by entity, providing estimates for the Budget year and previous year.

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