Creating a mentally healthy workplace: return on investment analysis

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This report outlines the technical background to the return on investment (ROI) analysis for creating a mentally healthy workplace. The aim of this analysis is to estimate the ROI for employers investing in a mentally healthy workplace. Accordingly, the analysis: estimates the cost to employers of mental health conditions estimate s the costs and the ROI for implementing workplace mental health actions using an economic model and simulating different scenarios based on the workplace environment (scenarios for actions are detailed in Appendix F)

Mental health conditions are a real and significant issue that impact individuals, organisations and the broader community. As such, organisations of all sizes have a role to play in providing a mentally healthy workplace for all employees. Many workplace - specific action s designed to promote me ntal health have been developed nationally and internationally , and have been proven to be effective. Organisations need to be encouraged and supported to understand mental health conditions, and their impact on individuals and the workplace. Further, business leaders need to drive and maintain actions that will create a mentally health y workplace – for both the benefit of the organisation and all individuals within it.

To fully realise the benefits of actions to create a mentally healthy workplace, organisations need to consider the critical success factors for effective organisational change. These include commitment from organisational leaders, employee participation, development and implementation of policies, provision of the necessary resources and a sustainable approach. This work shows the ROI and benefits that can be realised by organisations that take action to improve workplace mental health. The analysis of the ROI is achieved by co mparing research on mental health actions with proven benefits for the workplace with information about the cost of implementing a given action within an organisation. The actions selected for this analysis span prevention, early intervention and rehabilitation/return to work and reflect a broader range of actions available to organisations.

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