Working paper

Future housing and support needs of people with dementia

28 May 2014

This research project will provide policy-makers and housing practitioners with new knowledge into the future housing and support needs of people with dementia. It will advance strategies to support tenants, extend their capacity to age-in-place and improve service coordination in this area.

In an ageing society such as Australia, there is growing recognition of the importance of planning for the future care of older people with dementia (PwD). Dementia is predicted to become the leading cause of disability by 2016, with the number of cases in Australia expected to increase to close to 1 million by 2050 (AIHW 2007, p.52). 

While there is a growing literature around managing dementia, to date, insight into the role of housing in supporting PwD and the planning and coordination of health and housing services has been limited. This project on the Future housing and support needs of people with dementia aims to address this gap. 


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