Victoria Police Blue Paper: a vision for Victoria Police in 2025

3 Jun 2014


Victoria Police constantly strives to meet the needs and expectations of the Victorian community. As public demands for our services grow and change, Victoria Police must consider how it should adapt over the medium to long term.

Although Victoria Police has a three year corporate plan (2012-2015), there is no clearly laid out, long-term strategy. The Rush Inquiry criticised Victoria Police for a fragmented approach to strategic planning, including a failure to set objectives for the short, medium and long term.

That’s why Victoria Police has produced this Blue Paper, as a basis for the development of a new, long-term strategic plan for the period 2015 to 2025.

In particular, it outlines the strategic choices Victoria Police must make - including priorities - in a period when Victoria Police will need to do more to enhance public safety with relatively fewer resources.

The Blue Paper identifies the broader social, economic and environmental trends, and internal challenges, facing Victoria Police now and in the coming years. Many of the internal issues have developed over decades; some have their orgins as far back as the nineteenth century.

It is clear that the current operating model for Victoria Police is struggling to cope with the unprecedented demands upon it and to meet public expectations. Without a real transformation, it will not meet the expected growth and changes in demand for policing.

A Vision for Victoria Police in 2025 sets out three proposed strategic directions to enhance public safety and increase value for money for the Victorian community through its investment in Victoria Police:

  • better matching of resources to demand by rethinking the traditional operating model
  • improving capability through workforce reform and technology
  • collaborating more closely through partnerships.

Sir Robert Peel, the founder of modern policing, said that “the police are the public and the public are the police”. That principle remains of great importance today. Victoria Police and the whole community need to work more closely together to make Victoria a safer place.

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