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Chemicals business checklist: a tool to help those working with chemicals

Recycling Chemical control Australia

Australian governments through the Standing Committee on Chemicals have developed an industry tool that will provide guidance to small and large enterprises in Australia to start and grow chemicals and plastics businesses.

The Chemicals Business Checklist is the result of collaboration between industry and different government jurisdictions.

The Checklist includes a comprehensive contacts list to direct businesses to the relevant regulatory body or government agency and encourages them to consider the full life-cycle management of chemicals and plastics.

It features whole-of-system information about chemicals regulation in a simple format to direct users to relevant information to ensure chemicals businesses are safe, sustainable and compliant. The Checklist is relevant to anyone working in the chemicals and plastics industry including those involved in importing, manufacturing, using, handling, transporting or disposing of chemicals.

The chemicals industry is an important contributor to many aspects of the economy and it is important to continue the safe and responsible management of chemicals.

The Checklist covers a range of relevant topics, including:

  • Understanding chemical products
  • Manufacturing, importing and exporting chemical products
  • Labelling and packaging requirements
  • Work health and safety requirements
  • Transporting chemical products
  • Disposing of chemical waste
  • Chemicals of security concern and chemicals that are illicit drug precursors

The Chemicals Business Checklist supplements other business.gov.au educational checklists “Starting your Business” and “Growing your Business”.

Find the checklist at: www.industry.gov.au/ChemicalsChecklist

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