This report aims to provide a summary of the current environment in which alcohol is made available and sold in Victoria and to quantify the extent of alcohol harms and trends in harms over time.

Three indicators were used in this analysis to identify the policy environment, these are the number of liquor licenses, the number of late night trading liquor licenses and the affordability of alcohol.

Eight harm indicators are used in this analysis; treatment episodes where alcohol was the principal drug of concern, alcohol-related ambulance attendancesa , alcohol-related hospital admissions, alcohol-related assaultsb , alcohol involvement in family incidents, alcohol-related road fatalitiesc , alcohol-related deaths and alcohol-related one punch deaths.

Data was accessed from a range of sources including Victoria Police, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and the Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre. Data was sourced for the most recently available ten year period. For data where a ten year timeframe was not available, information is presented only for the available timeframe.

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