Private rental housing and security of tenure

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Currently there is much debate about housing affordability. Two of our recent publications have examined the need for more affordable rental housing. This e-brief looks at another related issue: security of tenure for the growing number of people who are long-term renters in the private rental market. A 2012 paper by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) stated that the private rental sector:

… has changed from its historical role as a transitional housing sector for households moving into home ownership or social housing to a long-term housing sector for a significant number of Australian households. There is an apparent paradox in policy settings. On one hand, the [sector] is a place to live for an increasing number of householders who require some stability in their housing circumstances so that they and their children have the same opportunities as the rest of the community. On the other hand, it is seen increasingly as an investment opportunity characterised by increasing volatility, such that the sector is more unstable and less likely to provide good housing outcomes.

This e-brief examines security of tenure provisions in residential tenancy laws in NSW, and considers past discussion in NSW of options to increase security of tenure, including noting the different views expressed by stakeholders. Next, it refers to a recent Senate Committee report that discusses the issue. Comparisons are also made with tenancy laws in other States and countries, some of which are undergoing reform.

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