New housing options for people with significant disability: design insights

7 Oct 2015

One of the reasons young people remain living in residential aged care facilities is that there are limited suitable housing options for them. While the recent introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) means that people can get funding for support and equipment, without more accessible and affordable housing options, few will move out of residential aged care. The Summer Foundation is developing a small number of integrated housing and support demonstration projects to test and refine a new innovative housing and support option for young people in or at risk of entering residential aged care facilities. In 2013 the Summer Foundation established its first demonstration project in Abbotsford, Victoria. The Summer Foundation is now establishing a second project in the NSW Hunter NDIS trial site. This project is building on our learning from the Abbotsford Demonstration Project. In our demonstration projects, one area of emphasis has been on apartment design that supports the independence and inclusion of people with significant disabilities in the community. There has also been a focus on incorporating smart home technology as a way of enhancing the opportunities for more independent living. The Summer Foundation has a strong commitment to sharing knowledge gained through our housing projects. The development of this report is part of that commitment.

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