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Abstract: Urban consolidation policies and higher density housing development have become major drivers of urban change in Australia. The realisation of these policies relies almost entirely on the provision of strata titled dwellings. There is thus a need to explore the role of governance arrangements in providing the framework of complex rights and responsibilities for the multiple stakeholders involved. It is these stakeholders who are expected to deliver a functioning and sustainable urban environment for many years to come. This is especially true in the case of the management of repairs and maintenance of the common areas within strata schemes. Owners corporations are currently making vital decisions regarding the management of at least a quarter of all residential properties in NSW. They are also making decisions about the maintenance of billions of dollars worth of property and infrastructure. This paper draws upon 450 e-mails from strata owners, as well as a survey of 244 strata owners to outline some of the unresolved issues currently facing the strata sector in NSW in regards to the management of repairs and maintenance, through the lens of governance theory. It is imperative that dialogue around these issues is maintained between academics, policy makers, strata professionals, owners and residents if we are to continue to develop the mechanisms needed for the effective governance of the future of Australia’s cities.

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