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The mining and burning of coal is driving dangerous global warming which threatens to kill our magnificent Great Barrier Reef and endangers the 69,000 Australian jobs it supports. 

Australian coal exports are directly harming our precious Reef, and robbing our children of their future.

The Reef has been hit by the worst ever mass coral bleaching, with 93% of reefs affected.  Scientists estimate that 50% of bleached coral may die. If we don’t keep global warming below 1.5 degrees, the best science tells us we will lose our precious coral reefs completely.

The Greens want to ensure a bright future for the reef and coal communities, by making sure coal companies pay for the damage they are doing. That money can be reinvested into the Reef and clean energy projects creating new, long-term jobs under our plan to Renew Australia. Around 90% of the coal we dig up is exported – roughly 1 billion tonnes of Reef-wrecking pollution, which is double Australia’s domestic pollution levels.

We can either stand by and watch ordinary people suffer, or we can manage the transition, with a plan to ensure there is justice for workers and communities.

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