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'A global ABC' – an address from Michelle Guthrie at the 2016 Lowy Institute Media Awards

11 Aug 2016

Keynote address at the 2016 Lowy Institute Media Awards dinner delivered by Michelle Guthrie, managing director of the ABC, on the ABC's need to be truly global in its thinking and its actions.


My first few months at the ABC have highlighted the importance of an international perspective in the job.

The ABC is an immensely proud Australian institution with an 84-plus year history. However, if it is to flourish up to – and beyond –  its 100th birthday, the Corporation cannot pretend that best practice will come from looking inward. Our audiences and our media colleagues long ago transcended national borders and the ABC needs to be truly global in its thinking and its actions.

The challenges the ABC is facing are the same as those confronting every media company in the world – from the traditional players, through to the new, digital upstarts.

Consumers today hold the power, instantly demanding information and entertainment from anywhere in the world. They demand a seamless audience experience and expect a constant improvement in that experience.

At Google, my previous employer, that meant not being complacent about being an information service or search engine.

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