Government response to the final report of the Confidential Listening and Assistance Service

8 Sep 2016

This New Zealand Cabinet paper is the Government’s response to the recommendations made in the final report of the  Confidential Listening and Assistance Service. It provides a consolodated list of the actions taken by agencies to address each of the seven recommendations:

  1. Note this report and consider releasing it to the public with a response from the Government.
  2. Take urgent steps to complete the task of resolving claims of abuse and neglect of people who were in care before 1992 including the claims in the High Court.
  3. Acknowledge the need for accountability in the social services sector by designing and implementing an independent body (such as the IPCA) to resolve historic and current complaints to hold the sector to account.
  4. Lift the veil of secrecy and use the data from the Confidential Listening and Assistance Service and the Historic Claims team, the Confidential Forum and the Ministries of Health and Education as a basis to offer a public statement to the people of New Zealand about what happened to those who suffered abuse and neglect in State care and acknowledge the wrongs of the past.
  5. Develop a Duty of Care for children and a new independent Care Service by:
    ​a) Clarifying social policy around the care of children by the State and articulate the Duty of Care.
    b) Designing and implementing an independent specialist care service as set out in Part 4 of this report incorporating the Duty of Care.
    c) Making a commitment to ensure practice follows policy by ensuring that there is accountability at all levels within the system.
  6. Urgently and independently review the data from the Confidential Listening Service and Historic Claims team to ensure that the lessons of the past are learnt. When this data is reviewed, locate key touch points in Child Youth and Family for immediate improvements to practice.
  7. Create an independent Listening and Assistance Service for prisoners who have concerns over abuse and neglect of them as children in State care to reduce recidivism and lower risk to the community.

The paper is to the Chair of the Cabinet Social Policy Committee in the name of Hon. Anne Tolley, Minister for Social Development.

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