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A patent analytics study on the Australian advanced manufacturing industry

12 Apr 2017

This report on patent activity highlights Australia’s positive global ranking in advanced manufacturing patent applications, showing healthy levels of innovation within the sector.

Patents for new products, processes and technologies are a useful indicator of innovation performance within an industry.

The report assesses patent activity to provide an insight into innovation in the advanced manufacturing sector, and benchmarks Australia against other nations.

The report finds a 15% in advanced manufacturing patent applications between 2000 and 2013. This was largely driven by increases in patents for medical devices, up 46%, along with strong growth in chemical and mechanical engineering patents (33% and 29% respectively).

Australia’s global position in advanced manufacturing patent applications is positive at 14th, outranking high performing countries such as Israel, Denmark, Austria and India. This is significant, given Australia is ranked 53rd in population.

The report also finds that Australia ranks 10th out of 36 countries for specialisation in medical device patents and is middle-ranked globally for chemical engineering patents. The majority of advanced manufacturing patents filed in Australia are in the electrical technology category, a key driver for advanced manufacturing innovation.

Australia also demonstrates innovative expertise in transport, mechanical engineering and pharmaceuticals, areas of significant growth and global opportunity.

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