Those damned, elusive Newspoll boosts

24 Apr 2017

A lot happened in poltics over the past fortnight. But not much happened in Newspoll.

TODAY’s Newspoll, conducted between last Thursday evening and Sunday and published in the Australian, has the primary vote virtually identical to a fortnight ago: the Coalition sits on 36 per cent (unchanged), Labor on 35 (minus 1), One Nation on 10 (steady) and the Greens on 9 (minus 1). Based on preference flows at the last election, these figures wash through to an estimated 52–48 in Labor’s favour, a narrowing from 53–47 two weeks ago. Malcolm Turnbull’s satisfaction rating is up two points to 32 per cent, and Bill Shorten’s has increased by one to 33. Turnbull wins better PM 42–33, up from 41–32 last fortnight.

There, that’s it, those are all the numbers.

This was a heavily anticipated Newspoll in political bubbleland. With Turnbull’s position under pressure, it was widely believed that his dramatic announcement “abolishing” 457 visas (like Kevin Rudd’s “terminating the carbon tax,” it was an adjustment dressed up as something more) and tightening citizenship rules was intended to influence this particular survey…

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