Children's sense of safety: children's experiences of childhood in contemporary Australia

Children Australia

This report outlines significant safety concerns faced by Australian children of today, drawing on responses from 600 children aged between 10-14 years from an online survey conducted by Quantum Market Research.

More than a quarter of the children in the sample were actively concerned that they might be hurt by an adult (28%) or become a victim of crime (27%). One in five (19%) of those surveyed expressed a degree of anxiety about children not being protected from abuse. Over half of the children in the sample reported feeling worried about being bullied (57%), teased (54%) and not fitting in with their peers (52%). The internet, in particular, is perceived as a new source of anxiety and threat for a large number of children and young people. 46% of children reported that they had been exposed to material on the internet which worried them. 27% are worried about the dangers they face over the internet.

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