Joe Tucci

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Strengthening community capacity to end violence

This is a project that is imbued with the spirit and ambitions of many people in the NPY Women’s Council (NPYWC). It is fundamentally aimed at preventing family violence in remote communities on the NPY Lands.

The cost of child abuse in Australia

The Australian Childhood Foundation and Child Abuse Prevention Research Australia at Monash University commissioned Access Economics and collaborated with them to estimate the cost of child abuse (physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect and being forced to live with family violence). Two different types of...

Children's sense of safety: children's experiences of childhood in contemporary Australia

This report outlines significant safety concerns faced by Australian children of today, drawing on responses from 600 children aged between 10-14 years from an online survey conducted by Quantum Market Research. More than a quarter of the children in the sample were actively concerned that...

Children's fears, hopes and heroes - modern childhood in Australia

This report examines the experiences of modern childhood through the results of an online survey undertaken by a national sample of 600 children and young people aged between 10 - 14 years. The following key themes emerged from the study’s findings. Children’s sense of their...