This report is actually three documents in one. The first is a very short summary of the practice framework that is the proposed basis for guiding the work of the DFV Team, and related other teams, of NPYWC in their efforts to strengthen community capacity to end violence in the communities of the NPY Lands.

The second is the full description of the proposed practice framework which is summarized in the first document. It aims to integrate culturally strong, community connected and trauma informed principles into a cohesive approach to practice that will be used by NPYWC staff working with people and communities affected by family violence.

The third document contains an analysis of the focused literature review that was completed as the evidence base for the proposed practice framework. It synthesizes this knowledge with a summary of the key themes which emerged from feedback from a small number of people who work and live in the NPY communities, including staff from the NPYWC and Australian Childhood Foundation.

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