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Victorian Aboriginal men’s programs: literature review

Family violence Violence prevention Aboriginal Australians behaviour change Victoria

This literature review provides a brief overview of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men’s services aimed at addressing the behaviors that lead to family violence.

In doing so, it also provides an explanation of the meaning of social and emotional wellbeing, to help establish an understanding of how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities think about wellness and what conditions are required for individuals and communities to thrive.

By providing a brief overview of what constitutes social and emotional wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, the review will also seek to identify how culture informs approaches to Aboriginal men’s behavior change programs.

The review will then present some examples of Indigenous men’s programs, which focus on healing and cultural strengthening as a means, inter alia, to address family violence.

This is then followed by a discussion of the challenges in evaluating Aboriginal programs, including the challenges in collecting relevant data to support successful outcomes.

These challenges have resulted in a paucity of reliable evaluations of Aboriginal men’s programs, but nonetheless, the review will provide examples of outcomes from evaluations that have been undertaken of existing Aboriginal men’s family violence programs.

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