Coalition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peak Organisations

Alternate Name:

Coalition of Peaks


Closing the Gap implementation plan 2023

The Coalition of Peaks’ Closing the Gap implementation plan 2023 sets out the work the Coalition of Peaks will undertake to progress and accelerate implementation of the National Agreement.

Disability sector strengthening plan

This plan has been developed to support achievement of Priority Reform Two of the National Agreement on Closing the Gap to build the community-controlled disability sector.

Partnership Agreement on Closing the Gap: partnership health check 2021

This publication reviews the state of the Partnership Agreement on Closing the Gap against success indicators agreed by the Coalition of Peaks and government parties. The 2021 health check has been prepared by independent reviewer, ABSTARR Consulting.

Sector strengthening plan: health

This Health Sector Strengthening Plan (Health-SSP) is offered as a resource to be used over the next three years to prioritise, partner and negotiate beneficial sector-strengthening strategies. The long-term objective of the Health-SSP is to build a strong community-controlled sector.

Sector strengthening plan: early childhood care and development

This plan takes a particular focus on building the community-controlled sectors that address: early childhood education and care and child protection and family support services.