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Close to the edge - a qualitative and quantitative study

This report on electricity, gas and water disconnections has found disconnecting people from utilities because they can’t afford to pay their bills hurts families that are already struggling, worsens the hardship experienced by people who are already living with multiple forms of disadvantage, and is...

Gas wholesale markets and retail competition in NSW and Victoria

This report has been valuable in identifying potential barriers to competition and its impacts on consumers in the Victorian and NSW gas markets. Gas consumer advocates in Victoria and NSW have generally not been deeply engaged in policy and regulatory debates in this complex and...

Public Interest Advocacy Centre submission to the Productivity Commission Access to Justice Arrangements inquiry

PIAC identifies public interest issues and, where possible and appropriate, works co-operatively with other organisations to advocate for individuals and groups affected. PIAC seeks to: • expose and redress unjust or unsafe practices, deficient laws or policies; • promote accountable, transparent and responsive government; •...
Briefing paper

Batteries and electricity network service providers in Australia: regulatory implications

One of the first things that any student of electricity economics learns is that electricity is not storable in meaningful quantities. This characteristic, in the context of peak electrical demands much higher than average demands, has meant that large amounts of capacity in generation, transmission...

Skating on thin ice – difficulties faced by people living with mental illness accessing and maintaining social housing

More work needs to be done to support people living with mental illness to sustain social housing tenancies, argues this report. The paper explores the difficulties people with mental illness face accessing and maintaining social housing. The difficulties it identifies include: