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Beyond Zero Emissions


Export powerhouse: Australia’s $333 billion opportunity

This report shows Australia could grow a new green export mix worth $333 billion per annum, almost triple the value of existing fossil fuel exports.
Position paper

Putting jobs-rich climate solutions at the centre of Victoria’s economic recovery from COVID-19

Seven leading climate, environment and renewable energy organisations have joined forces to publish this position paper, which calls for jobs-rich climate solutions to be at the centre of Victoria’s economic recovery from COVID-19.

Collie at the crossroads: planning a future beyond coal

Staring down the end of the coal industry that built the town, Collie faces a challenge dozens of communities around Australia, and thousands worldwide, will confront in coming decades. This report argues that a renewable transition and creating a circular economy can lower costs, diversify...

The 10 gigawatt vision: how renewable energy can power jobs and investment in the Northern Territory

This report presents a bold future for the Northern Territory - one that is compatible with addressing climate change and the Territory’s need for sustainable economic development.

Zero carbon industry plan: electrifying industry

This report discusses how Australian manufacturers can stop burning fossil fuels by switching to renewable electricity. It includes 10 ‘How to electrify’ guides for making many common industrial products without fossil fuels, including milk powder, paper, aluminium casting, brick, glass, plastic, steel, ammonia and beer.