Chris Selby Smith


What value do Australian employers give to qualifications?

Lee Ridoutt, Chris Selby Smith, Kevin Hummel, Christina Cheang look at how employers value and use qualifications in their business decisions. Their research indicates clear differences in the value placed on and use made of qualifications by employers for different groups of workers and occupations...

The place of recognised qualifications in the outcomes of training

Lee Ridoutt, Kevin Hummel, Ralph Dutneal and Chris Selby Smith identify the relationship between requirements of particular jobs and, in the opinion of employers, formal qualifications. A large number of competencies were identified by employers as required for jobs to be performed well. Generally, this...

The funding of vocational education and training for students with disabilities

This report provides important information for those who manage training institutions and are committed to making the learning environment more supportive for people with a disability. It looks at how the vocational education and training system currently allocates funds to support students with a disability...