Sarah Maddison


Civil voices: researching not-for-profit advocacy

This report argues that there is need for reforms to ensure that the current definition of charities, which recognises advocacy as a part of an organisation’s charitable purpose, be protected and advanced.
Journal article

Best practice in Indigenous education

This article discusses the funding, focus and deficiencies of Indigenous education, predominantly in remote and rural Australia and focused on school retention. It also evaluates the lack of research on current activities and programs, and future program development and funding decisions.

How well does Australian democracy serve sexual and gender minorities?

Whilst there has been considerable progress in the human rights of sexual and gender minorities in recent decades, this report by Sarah Maddison and Emma Partridge highlights the extent to which significant inequalities persist, particularly in respect of relationship recognition.

How well does Australian democracy serve Australian women?

The picture that emerges from this assessment is not positive. Whereas Australia was once a leader in the global struggle for gender equality, this report makes clear that in recent years Australia has resiled from this commitment and many of the achievements of an earlier...
Discussion paper

Silencing dissent: non-government organisations and Australian democracy

Non-government organisations are an essential component of a healthy and robust democracy. Recently, however, the legitimacy of NGOs and their contribution to democratic processes has been under attack, and there has been a serious deterioration in relations between the federal government and NGOs. Drawing on...