Ken Pidd


Identifying the social costs of tobacco use to Australia in 2015/16

The tobacco epidemic, although past its peak in Australia in terms of the prevalence of smoking, still extracts a considerable toll on the health and economic welfare of Australians. The purpose of this study was to update the estimated social costs of tobacco use in...

The role of VET in alcohol and other drugs workforce development

The community services and health industries have experienced a period of growth in recent times. This report focuses on the sub-section, alcohol and other drugs, which has had difficulty recruiting staff. Through a survey of managers of alcohol and other drugs service agencies, the authors...

Taking first steps: what family sensitive practice means for alcohol and other drug workers

Foreword In any effort to achieve integration of services to families where alcohol and drug use problems emerge, the recognition and response to parenting and children’s needs is required. This statement is self evident. However, the extent to which this is achieved in alcohol and...

Alcohol and work: patterns of use, workplace culture and safety

Little is known regarding the alcohol consumption patterns of the Australian workforce and the impact these patterns have on workplace safety, workplace productivity and workers' wellbeing. This report addresses this lack of knowledge, and is one of the most comprehensive examinations of the role of...