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Amanda Davies


Population growth and mobility in Australia: implications for housing and urban development policies

This research tracks Australia’s population growth over the period 2006–16 to examine how actual growth differed from projected growth. It also examines key drivers of population mobility in Australia to inform future urban development policy responses to demands on infrastructure and housing.

The social and economic sustainability of WA’s rural volunteer workforce

This research identifies how rural communities in WA are addressing the challenges of recruiting and retaining volunteers at a time of unprecedented demographic change and increasing pressure on the rural volunteer workforce.

Australia's Rural Workforce - An analysis of labour shortages in rural Australia

This RIRDC publication examines one of Australia's most pressing economic problems - a shortage of labour. Without adequate supplies of labour, the economic and social functions of businesses are restricted, and the capacity for expansion reduced. Industries and communities within rural Australia have been particularly...

Regional workforce futures: an analysis of the Great Southern, South West and Wheatbelt regions

This report provides an assessment of regional employment dynamics and future labour demand in these regions of Western Australia. It examines the demographic and economic dynamics driving regional labour markets; analyses the changing structure of regional labour markets in terms of sector and occupation; identifies...