Lorraine Mazerolle

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School truancy and welfare receipt dynamics in early adulthood: a longitudinal study

This study’s results are relevant to academics, policy makers and practitioners, both in Australia and overseas, in the pursuit of evidence-based policy that makes a positive, sustained impact on truancy: a perennial and costly social problem.

Police techniques for investigating serious violent crime: a systematic review

Police use a variety of techniques in their investigation of serious violent crimes, such as homicide, robbery, assault and sexual assault. This paper systematically reviews experimental and quasi-experimental research on the effectiveness of these investigative techniques.
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Assessing the utility of Project STOP in reducing pseudoephedrine diversion to clandestine laboratories

Evaluates the utility of Project STOP in reducing the diversion of PSE-based products to clan labs. Foreword Project STOP, an online database in which pharmacists record sales of pseudoephedrine (PSE)-based medication, was implemented in 2005 to aid in reducing the diversion of PSE-based products for...

Modelling the effectiveness of counter-terrorism interventions

This paper finds that for Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, reactive types of counter-terrorism interventions, such as arrests, indictments, imprisonments, assassinations and other operational activities show the strongest association with the rate of terrorism incidents over time. Abstract This paper models the connection between the...

The impact of operational performance reviews on reported crime in Queensland

This paper is important for three reasons. The first is that it evaluates the impact of a significant change in the strategic management of police focused on driving down recorded crime rates. The second is that it highlights the continued professionalisation of policing in the...