Deborah A. Cobb-Clark

Working paper

Parents’ responses to teacher qualifications

This paper investigates the determinants of parents’ investment in their children by analyzing parental investment change when their children are assigned to more qualified teachers.
Working paper

Pathways of disadvantage: unpacking the intergenerational correlation in welfare

This research studies the pathways that link welfare receipt across generations in Australia.
Working paper

Intergenerational transmission of disadvantage in Australia

This paper provides an overview of the Australian evidence on the extent to which socioeconomic disadvantage is transmitted from one generation to the next. While there is a large literature on the intergenerational transmission of education, occupation and social status, the focus here is on...
Working paper

Self-control: determinants, life outcomes and intergenerational implications

This paper studies self-control in a nationally representative sample. Using the well-established Tangney scale to measure trait self-control, we find that people's age, as well as the political and economic institutions they are exposed to, has an economically meaningful impact on their level of self-control.
Working paper

Intergenerational disadvantage: learning about equal opportunity from social assistance receipt

Research suggests that parental disadvantage may be more harmful to children’s later life outcomes if it is more strongly driven by circumstances rather than personal choice.