Samantha Hall

Journal article

Evidence based practice for the built environment: can systematic reviews close the research-practice gap?

A high performance building is designed and operated to minimise environmental impact whilst providing an indoor environment that maximises occupant health and comfort. The wealth of academic research into technical and non-technical solutions for high performance building continues to grow. However, industry utilisation of academic...
Discussion paper

CRC RP1009 Closing the Loop: navigating the evidence for evidence-based research

This paper is to inform the second stage of project development for the Closing The Loop project. The foundation for the project direction was established in the first paper ‘Closing the Loop, Evidence-Based Design and Systematic Review. This paper will cover:
Discussion paper

RP1009 closing the loop: building typology and stakeholder review

This document is a component of the CRC for Low Carbon Living Closing the Loop project. It provides an overview of existing data around building energy performance in Australia to guide the selection of building typologies to be included into the research. This document also...

Carbon tools & frameworks for institutional precincts

The following report presents the results of research conducted on how to best deliver low carbon, high performance schools in the Australian context.The term ‘high performance’ was used to reflect the increased performance in both the buildings and physical infrastructure of schools that pursue sustainability...