Prue Holzer


Corporal punishment: key issues

Corporal punishment is a contentious and much debated issue within the community. This resource provides a brief overview of research literature on the use of corporal punishment towards children and the legal landscape regarding corporal punishment as a means of disciplining children in Australia. We...
Journal article

The planets aligned: is child protection policy reform good luck or good management?

Governments across Australia are struggling to address escalating child protection notifications, a marked increase in the number of children in State care, a decrease in the number of foster carers and chronic workforce shortages in child welfare services. This paper explores the reform process that...

Pre-employment screening: Working with children checks and police checks

Most states and territories have introduced legislation providing for child-related employment pre-screening, or are working towards such legislation but there are important differences across jurisdictions regarding the type of screening programs that are in place, what records are checked, and who is required to undergo...