Alister Lamont


International approaches to child protection: what can Australia learn?

The provision of child protection services varies considerably across the world. This paper offers a broad overview of some of the main approaches to child protection used internationally. Using examples from Canada, Sweden, Belgium and the Gaza Strip, it offers policy-makers the chance to reflect...

Corporal punishment: key issues

Corporal punishment is a contentious and much debated issue within the community. This resource provides a brief overview of research literature on the use of corporal punishment towards children and the legal landscape regarding corporal punishment as a means of disciplining children in Australia. We...

Risk and protective factors for child abuse and neglect

This paper provides an overview of the risk and protective factors for child abuse and neglect. It is important that practitioners and policy-makers working with children and families operate from a broad understanding of these risk and protective factors and the ways in which they...

Child deaths from abuse and neglect in Australia

Provides a statistical overview of child deaths from child abuse and neglect in Australia and internationally. Child deaths from abuse and neglect are deaths resulting from acts of physical violence or neglect of a child, that are perpetrated by a family member or caregiver. This...
Briefing paper

History of child protection services

This resource sheet provides a brief history of developments in child protection services in Australia and internationally. Social and political interest in the protection of children from abuse or neglect at the hands of caregivers is a relatively recent phenomenon. Since the early colonial days...