Gemma Carey

Discussion paper

Is all stewardship equal? Developing a typology of stewardship approaches

This paper reviews the evidence relating to stewardship to explore what the existing literature tells us in terms of what stewardship is, how to steward effectively and the types of outcomes a stewardship approach is capable of producing.
Fact sheet

Policy action to protect people with disability and COVID-19

This fact sheet, in partnership with the Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health, details the actions needed to protect people with disability and the disability support workforce during COVID-19, with a range of recommendations.

How is the disability sector faring? A report from National Disability Services’ annual market survey 2020

This survey provides insight into service-provider’s perceptions of the NDIS, the operating environment for the sector and financial sustainability. The 2019 survey found the operating environment for the sector, particularly prices, have improved on previous years. However, there continues to be uncertainty and concern about...

Robots and the delivery of care services

This report focuses on one particular area of technological development – robots, and their governance. It explores the roles that robots should and should not play in care delivery, and the role that government has as a steward in shaping these roles.