This report presents the results of a survey completed by 973 people with involvement or interest in Australian disability research. It is part of multi-phase research agenda setting exercise that has been conducted to understand existing disability research in Australia and consult with the disability sector to understand their priorities for disability research. This research was funded by the National Disability Research Partnership (NDRP) to underpin their development of an agenda for Australian disability research over the next decade.

This research involved three phases:

  1. Mapping of recent Australian research related to people with disability
  2. Consultation with people with disability and their representative organisations; researchers; families and supporters; service providers; governments and other stakeholders to identify key issues. Stage 2 consultation included this survey.
  3. Synthesis and refinement of findings from the first two phases to contribute to setting an agenda for disability research in Australia.

This report is about the survey results. The survey forms part of a larger consultation process conducted in partnership with NGOs, the results of which will be reported separately.

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