Charles Edel

Briefing paper

What to expect from the Biden administration's Indo-Pacific strategy

This policy brief looks back at what has happened since President Obama first announced the 'pivot' to Asia ten years ago in Canberra. It also examines the emerging contours of Biden’s strategy in the Indo-Pacific, and outlines what outstanding questions have yet to be addressed.

Red book, Blue book: an Australian guide to the next US administration

This publication is designed in two sections: Blue Book — what to expect in a Biden administration and Red Book — what to expect in a second term of the Trump administration. Each section is designed to give a robust guide to the major policies...

The future of the US-Australia alliance in an era of great power competition

The US-Australia alliance has been indispensable for more than seven decades, but it has also always been a work in progress. In the present environment, both Australia and the United States are confronting an increasingly assertive China, which is bringing new challenges to the alliance.

Trump and the US presidency: the past, present and future of America’s highest office

Donald Trump’s ability to reshape the office, probe the boundaries of American political discourse and transform America’s place in the world will be a product not just of his will, but also of the effectiveness of institutional constraints on presidential power.
Audio interview

Chinese reform puts power in President Xi Jinping's hands

China gave up its emperors centuries ago but now it appears to be preparing to anoint a new one — its current president Xi Jinping.