Johanna Wyn


Examining the most important issues in Australia: similarities and differences across two generations

This report presents findings from survey data collected in 2017 from participants of the two Life Patterns Project cohorts. The analysis of responses shows that one major issue unites both generations - concern about the environment and climate change.

Life patterns: comparing the generations

This research report presents findings from Generation X and Generation Y from the Life Patterns project.

Touching the future: building skills for life and work

This edition of Australian Education Review explores the goals of Australian education and of how schools should prepare young people for work and life. This book brings together two stories: one relating to the ways in which young people’s worlds have changed radically over the...

Young people, wellbeing and communication technologies

This 2005 report was commissioned to provide an overview of the role of ICTs on young people's social relations, to provide a framework for understanding the ways in which ICTs impact on their health and wellbeing and to recommend possible initiatives within the Mental Health...

Stepping stones: TAFE and ACE program development for early school leavers

The adult and community (ACE) sector and technical and futher education (TAFE) institutes provide programs for young people which re-connect them to education. In this report Johanna Wyn, Helen Stokes and Debra Tyler suggest these programs and settings are considered effective pathways for some young...