Ruth Fincher

Conference paper

Getting to yes: overcoming barriers to affordable family friendly housing in inner Melbourne

This paper presents results from a survey of social housing providers, developers, planners and architects conducted in June-July 2013. It analyses how Government can promote affordable high density apartments in inner-city Melbourne.

Transnational and temporary: students, community and place-making in central Melbourne

How does place-making - broadly defined as the practice of fostering community in place - occur when the majority of people in that 'community' are transnational rather than local in their orientation, and temporary rather than permanent in their settlement? This report looks at the...
Conference paper

Recognising tertiary students in place-making for urban spaces

This paper will review a range of approaches to place-making, identifying and discussing differences in housing provision and arrangement of public facilities and spaces for students in several overseas cities, including in Germany, Italy, Spain and California where practices vary substantially.
Conference paper

Seeing cities and their planning with diversity in mind

This talk proposes that a 'just diversity' for cities can be conceptualised and then planned for with reference to three social logics or norms: redistribution, recognition and encounter.