Harry Clarke

Briefing paper

Evaluating investment projects under risk and uncertainty

This brief presents a portion of the research relating to project evaluation. Insights can improve decisions relating to investment in water-supply infrastructure by accounting explicitly for climate variability and for prospective climate change. These insights can be applied to other capital-intensive long-term investment projects undertaken...

Enhancing water infrastructure provision with climate change uncertainty: final report

In this report, policies for assessing effects of climate change risk and uncertainty on water-supply provision are discussed. The emphasis is on analytical insights derived using option-pricing arguments. Attention is also paid to portfolio approaches, problems of uncertainty and catastrophic risk.
Working paper

Australia's carbon pricing strategies in a global context

This paper analyses the impact of international carbon control measures – and the absence of such measures – on Australian carbon pricing policies at both a theoretical and empirical level. While theory and interest group advocacy suggest a potential case for destination accounting of carbon...

A conceptual framework for the reform of taxes related to roads and transport

This report examines how transport services in Australia should be charged for, how such charges can contribute to economic efficiency and how capital works in the transport sector should be funded. The transport sector is a significant component of the Australian economy with transport specific...