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John Freebairn

Working paper

Reforming state taxes on property

This paper argues that replacing conveyance duty, or stamp duty, on the transfer of property and the current narrow base land tax, and both with progressive rates, with a comprehensive land base and flat rate annual tax would generate large gains in national welfare.
Policy report

Reform options for state property taxes

This paper presents some options for the details of the property taxes reform package, and then assesses their comparative efficiency and redistribution effects.

Reform of state taxes in Australia: rationale and options

The proposals are approximately revenue neutral in aggregate and minimize redistribution relative to the current economic incidence. The proposed reforms include: remove current exemptions to achieve comprehensive payroll and land tax bases, and apply flat rates with individual state rights to choose the rate and...
Discussion paper

Taxation and social security system reform

General observations The case for reform of the taxation and social security systems, together with reform blueprints, were provided in the Henry Review released in May 2010. To the Henry Review reform proposals should be added a more comprehensive and higher rate GST, and the...

Enhancing water infrastructure provision with climate change uncertainty: final report

In this report, policies for assessing effects of climate change risk and uncertainty on water-supply provision are discussed. The emphasis is on analytical insights derived using option-pricing arguments. Attention is also paid to portfolio approaches, problems of uncertainty and catastrophic risk.