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Deborah Bradford


Reading Recovery: a sector-wide analysis

This evaluation examined the impact of Reading Recovery (RR) on students' outcomes in NSW government schools. The evaluation found some evidence that RR has a modest short-term effect on reading skills among the lowest performing students. However, RR does not appear to be an effective...

Illicit drug use and property offending among police detainees

Heavy drug use, of either amphetamines or opioids in the 30 days prior to arrest, is associated with frequency of property offending. Aim: The primary objective of the current study was to examine whether the frequency of recent illicit drug use is related to higher...
Fact sheet

Sentencing snapshot: illicit drug offences involving amphetamines, 2009-2010

This snapshot describe the penalties imposed on adult offenders convicted of illicit drug offences involving amphetamines. Summary: In 2009-2010, 2,397 offenders were convicted of illicit drug offences involving amphetamines. The majority (70.9%) were convicted of using or possessing amphetamines, while nearly a quarter were convicted...
Briefing paper

An analysis of alcohol and psycho-stimulant use from the 2007 National Drug Strategy Household Survey

Levels of psycho-stimulant (e.g. amphetamine or cocaine) use are comparatively low amongst the general population of drinkers, reports this recent Crime and Justice Bureau Brief. Following reports that some of the violence on licensed premises might be attributable to the use of drugs such as...

How do methamphetamine users respond to changes in methamphetamine price?

Methamphetamine and heroin purchases decrease significantly as the price of methamphetamine increase, by as much as 27 per cent on a 10 per cent price rise, according to this report. One of the core objectives of supply-side drug law enforcement is to reduce drug use...
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