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Stephen Smith


National defence: Defence strategic review 2023

There is no more important task for government than protecting the security, interests and livelihoods of its people. Accordingly, the Albanese Government commissioned this independent review to assess whether Australia has the necessary defence capability, posture and preparedness to best defend Australia and its interests...

Multi-level governance: conceptual challenges and case studies from Australia

The authors of the volume are a range of academics and past public servants from different jurisdictions, which allows previously hidden stories and processes of multi-level governance in Australia across different periods of government to be revealed and analysed for the first time.

Realising the Indo-Pacific: tasks for India's regional integration

As the concept of the 'Indo-Pacific' region has increasingly gained momentum, there remains many opportunities and challenges for India to regionally integrate and realise the concept of the Indo-Pacific.
Conference paper

Electoral barometers: the geography of minor parties in Australian cities, 1997 - 2006

Most electoral studies research on Australian cities has focused on the characteristics of voters in a city. This research focus examines the geography of a political party’s electoral performance across a particular urban electoral landscape.