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David Lang


Realising the Indo-Pacific: tasks for India's regional integration

As the concept of the 'Indo-Pacific' region has increasingly gained momentum, there remains many opportunities and challenges for India to regionally integrate and realise the concept of the Indo-Pacific.

Agenda for change 2016: strategic choices for the next government

Overview The defence of Australia's interests is a core business of federal governments. Regardless of who wins the election on July 2, the incoming government will have to grapple with a wide range of security issues. This report provides a range of perspectives on selected...

The not-quite-quadrilateral: Australia, Japan and India

Trilateralism is on the rise across the Asia–Pacific as states seek safety in numbers, diversifying their relations in response to an increasingly uncertain regional security environment. On 8 June 2015, senior foreign affairs officials from Australia, Japan and India, including secretary-level representatives, gathered in New...
Technical report

Gen Y jihadists: preventing radicalisation in Australia

This paper examines the scope and nature of terrorism motivated by violent Islamist extremism in Australia through a comprehensive database, assesses the policy responses by the government to date, and offers recommendations. Overview In September 2014 the terrorism threat level was raised from ‘medium’ to...

Strengthening rules-based order in the Asia-Pacific

This paper explores the opportunities for both Australia and Japan jointly to promote their shared interest in strengthening the rule of law in the Asia–Pacific. Overview The rule of law is an essential condition if cooperation and orderly behaviour are to be advanced in the...