Bill Shorten


CEDA's top 10 speeches 2016

Each year through this publication CEDA delivers for members a reflection on the most influential and interesting speeches on the CEDA stage. With a Federal Election here in Australia, and unexpected international events, from the Brexit result to the election of Donald Trump as the...
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Bill Shorten's budget reply

In his official Budget reply address last night, Bill Shorten laid out Labor's plan to get the country moving in the wake of the mining boom. It's an agenda with an emphasis on education and clean energy. The Opposition leader rejected the Government's Budget blueprint...

Improving the operation of the anti-avoidance provisions in the income tax law

The Government announced its intention to review the operation of the anti-avoidance provisions in the income tax law in the 2009‑10 Budget. "Tax avoidance poses a threat to the integrity of the tax system. It involves the exploitation of structural loopholes in the law for...
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Improving the integrity of public ancillary funds

In the 2010-11 Budget, the Government announced changes to improve the accountability of public ancillary funds and give Australians more certainty that their donations are being used wisely. The changes will provide trustees of public ancillary funds with greater certainty as to their philanthropic obligations...

Universal housing design

An agreement on Universal Housing Design proposes that in ten years' time all new houses, including those on sprawling housing estates, will have some noticeable differences. They won't have front steps, for starters. They'll have wide hallways, and a big bathroom downstairs with a wide...